FAQ’s - Round Pen Kits

1) What is the center height of the Round Pen?   Edge Height? Pitch?
Center Height is 22ft. average  Edge (eave) height is 10 ft. The Equi-Cover has a 4 1/2/12

2) What windloads can the Round Pen Handle?
The Round Pens have been exposed to over 70 mph wind gusts without incurring any damage.
Please check out our Testimonials page and read how the Equi-Cover has handled in
hurricanes!   (Please refer to our pro-rated limited warranty for details).

3) What is the snowload that the Roundpen can handle?
We recommend snow loads no larger than 45lbs.psf. Due to the vinyl roofing component we
can not put a Roof Snow Load rating on the Equi-Cover.  The GatorShield Steel structure has
impressive strength but the vinyl roofing can give and stretch depending on temperature and
weather conditions. A light, fluffy accumulation of snowfall will weigh an average of 8lbs per
cubic foot and a wet heavy snowfall will weigh an average of 32lbs per cubic ft. Thus, a couple
inches of heavy, wet snow will pose more problems and cause the vinyl to stretch more than a
few inches of fluffy snow would. Responsible parties should ensure the roofs are continually
monitored during periods of heavy snow accumulation and remove snow accumulation as
needed. (Please refer to our pro-rated limited warranty and Maintenance Guide for details).

4) Are the Wood Sides included with the Round Pen?
The Round Pen wood sides are not included with each Round Pen.  The wood you provide  
slides into 1 1/2"x 5' galvanized angled channel on each upright that can be purchased
separately. Some measuring and cutting of wood will be required.  We recommend using 2x6"
tongue and groove and 4x4x8' posts.

5)  Is the gate included with the Round Pen Kit?
The Round Pen Gate is not included with each Round Pen. You can purchase the 1 1/2"  frame
separately and insert your own wood.. Each gate is 6', has a springloaded latch, heavy duty
adjustable hinges and a gate post. You can purchase as many gates as you desire. Custom
levers and latches are available for a fee.

6)  Are lights included with the Round Pen kit?  Can you provide a light package?
We can provide a light package if requested. It is an option.

7) Can you install gutters/downspouts on the Round Pen kit?
Yes, you can install gutters/downspouts on the Round Pen kit.

8)  How many days does it take to install Round Pen from start to finish? With how
many people?
It will usually take 3 to 4 days with 3 people.

9)  Do I need to hire a contractor?  Do I need to obtain a permit to install Round Pen
You do not need to hire a contractor to erect the Round Pen Kit but it is recommended. We
provide an Installation Manual
In Most cases a permit is not required since the vinyl roof can be removed and the entire
structure can be dismantled within hours. We HIGHLY recommend you find the laws governing
your area for permitting.  
Please refer to our contract in regards to permits.

10) What are the different colors that are offered?
It is offered in White, Sand, Steel Gray, and Kelly Green. Custom colors are available for the
appropriate fees

11) What are the Vinyl Specs?
It is 18 oz industrial/construction vinyl. UV resistant and mildew resistant

12) Does the Round Pen Kit come with a weather control (wind, sun, rain) screen?
The Round Pen Kit does not come with a screen. It is an accessory you can purchase

13) What type of maintenance does the Round Pen cover require?
If you would like to clean your cover, a hose with a sprayer and gentle scrub brushes are
acceptable.  DO NOT use any harsh solvents, chemicals, or cleaning products on your cover as
they may harm the vinyl.  Mild soaps and detergents, such as Ivory, are safe, gentle, and
effective. Re-tighten your Cover every Spring on a warm day and do not allow large amounts of
snow to accumulate on your cover.
The Equi-Cover is not intended for areas with large quantities of snow if you can not remove the
accumulation. Please refer to our recommended Maintenance Guide.

14) What is the warranty on a Round Pen Kit?
We offer a two-part warranty . A 25-year pro rated  Limited Warranty for workmanship.
A 7-year Pro-Rated Warranty for the vinyl.  
Please read the company’s written warranty for details.

15) Can I install the Round Pen Cover over an existing Round Pen or Walker?
Yes, you can install the Round Pen Cover over an existing uncovered Round Pen or walker that
is 66ft in diameter or less.

16) Is shipping, installation, or Tax included in the cost?
Installation, shipping, or taxes are not included with the purchase of a Round Pen Kit. Out of
state residents do not get charged sales tax so this helps to offset the cost of shipping.
We do not provide installation outside of WA.

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Round Pen Cover - Frequently Asked Questions
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