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Equi-cover round pen cover. It can be permanently
installed, or installed as a portable unit. This makes it
ideal for professional trainers, and those who plan on
new properties in the near future.  The Equi-Cover
Round Pen Cover comes in a kit form, is a
multi-functional, all-weather facility, and provides a
protected environment for you and your Horse.

Equi-cover is designed to keep the harsh
elements of sun, wind and rain at bay with the most
attractive, durable, convenient and affordable cover
on the market today! We all know how detrimental the
weather can be in our working areas. You will have a
comfortable working area for you and your horse.
Some of the best products and hardware are used in
the construction of this cover.

Our top priority is understanding your unique needs
and exceeding your expectations by delivering
remarkable service and constructing the highest
quality equestrian facility possible.

We can ship and/or install your Equi-Cover!
-please refer to our CONTRACT for shipping and
installation prices/procedures.
18 oz vinyl  features and benefits: (print vinyl specifications, CLICK here)                            
  • *Durable - Excellent abrasion resistance  and long life expectancy.                                                                                 
  • *Mildew resistant - Double mildewcide                                                        
system and wick resistant scrim assure  maximum  protection.                                                                                                 
  • *Popular high-gloss finish and flat substrate                                               
give the high impact appearance and easy maintenance                          
desired in todays market.
  • *UV resistance - Premium outdoor vinyl formulation
means vinyl stays softer.
  • *Flame retardant - Meets NFPA 701 (large scale)
  • *18 ozs per sq. yd                                                                                           

* Colors Available:
Green                        Sand                      Steel Gray                    White  

Custom options available!
  • Gutter packages
  • Lights
  • Weather Control Screens
  • Custom Gates
  • Gustom Latches

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Equine Concepts, LLC
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Phone: 206-650-3312/206-619-9378  
Email: equineconcepts@yahoo.com
Web: www.equineconceptsllc.com
Equi-cover Kit Price List (print)
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The Equi-Cover
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Product Reps, they
do not sell the
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-Bob Atchison
Equi-Cover designer
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Our Standard Equi-Cover Roundpen Cover Kits can be used with or
without panels you provide! Installation Not included.

  • 1 1/2”x 5’ Galvanized Angled Channel for wood: $85 per
    upright (longer lengths available, 2x6” T&G & 4x4x8’ posts

  • 6’ Galvanized Gate Frame with spring loaded latch,1 1/2”
    channel, gate post and adjustable heavy duty hinges:600
    (wood not included)

  • 5’ Wide 60% Sunblocker Nylon Weather Control Screen
    w/grommets:$7.00 per linear ft. (wider widths available)

  • 22” HID High Bay Light fixture:$425
 (Quad volt ballast, 120v/208v/240v/277v)
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other is patience.
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Equine Concepts, LLC
Center Compression Ring
Connecting Joint
GatorShield  Galvanized Steel Frame,
2x4 uprights, 2x3 rafters, 2x2 purlins
Diameter (size)
wood and panels not included
30ft Standard
14 Uprights
40ft Standard
14 Uprights
50ft Standard
14 Uprights
60ft Standard
16 Uprights
Most Economical
62ft Standard
18 Uprights
66ft Standard
20 Uprights
*Disclaimer: All photos depicted may show
custom options or models no longer available
shown with 1 1/2”x5’ galvanized channel for
wood inserts, 6’ gate, 5’ wide weather control
screen and HID light fixture.
Sand colored vinyl.
Standard Equi-Cover Roundpen Cover Kit
for wood inserts, (2)- 6’ gates, 5’ wide
weather control screen.
White colored vinyl.